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Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex Tubeless Tire Sealant - 1,000ml

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  • Very fast puncture repairing action, ideal for performance-oriented cyclists (and for those who want even more, we created Vitamina CL additive)
  • Adds very little weight to wheels, following the suggested quantities (see iCaffelatex app)
  • Its foaming behavior makes it spread evenly inside tyres, covering the whole internal surface very efficiently
  • Caffélatex doesn’t contain ammonia or other aggressive chemicals and is not toxic
  • Relying on synthetic latex, Caffélatex doesn’t create allergy issues associated with natural latex


Very fast puncture repairing action

A secret blend of liquid synthetic polymers gives Caffélatex its “latex-like” behavior, becoming solid when exposed to fast evaporation, repairing holes in the process. We improved this with the addition of a precise percentage of microscopic (less than 2 microns, 0,002 mm) silicate particles, so that Caffélatex moves slowly through holes, allowing it more time to heal the puncture.

Puncture repair speed is especially beneficial with lightweight or thin-casing tyres, making Caffélatex ideal for performance-oriented cyclists, for both road and off-road cycling and for tubeless, tubular and inner-tube applications.
Caffélatex repairs punctures up to 5 mm (off-road tubeless tyres) and 3 mm (road tubeless tyres).

For cyclists seeking the ultimate puncture protection, we created for Caffélatex the Vitamina CL additive.


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