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K2 Reckoner 92 W

K2 Reckoner 92 W
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One-Liner: All-mountain performance meets twin-tip versatility.

The Reckoner 92 W is a women's-specific twin-tip built to confidently take you from the park to the steeps, and to the bumps and back again. Built with our All-Terrain Twin Rocker and a lively Aspen Veneer core, these skis are light on your feet and big on fun.

Hybritech sidewalls give the ski accuracy, power, and edge grip, while cap construction reduces swing weight – keeping you stable no matter when you take the Reckoner 92s.

Loved by pros like Mackenna Brown and is available in shorter lengths.

- Dimensions: 124 - 92 - 114
- Rocker: All-Terrain Twin Rocker
- Edge Bevel: 1.2 x 2.0
- Drill Spec: 3.6 x 9.5
- Core: Braided Aspen Veneer Core
- Tech Features 1: Triaxial Braid
- Tech Features 2: Hybritech 

all terrain twin rocker
All-Terrain Twin Rocker is a gradual, extended rise at the tip and tail for added versatility and control in all conditions with twin tip skis.

Lightweight and resilient, great all-around material.

A K2-patented process interlocks strands of fiberglass around a milled core for pronounced torsional stiffness while retaining the lively flex patterns inherent in a wood ski.

Featuring sidewalls along the running surface that flow into the tip and tail; reducing swing weight, optimizing turn initiation, and providing unrivaled durability.

Skier WeightSkier HeightSki Length
lbs/kg ft/In Expert (cm) Intermediate (cm)
100+ / 45+ 4'6"+ 134+ 124+
110+ / 50+ 4'9"+ 146+ 136+
120+ / 55+ 5'0"+ 159+ 149+
130+ / 59+ 5'3"+ 166+ 156+
140+ / 63+ 5'6"+ 170+ 160+
150+ / 68+ 5'9"+ 177+ 167+
170+ / 77+ 6'0"+ 184+ 174+
190+ / 86+ 6'2"+ 191+ 181+

Understanding boot and binding compatibility can be complicated. Alpine or Alpine Touring? ISO what?

With multiple boot/binding standards designed for different applications and skier types, finding the right gear requires more knowledge and expertise than ever before.

Contact us to navigate your options and discover what's right for you.