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Prestacycle Prestaflator Eco Auto-Select Bicycle Inflation Tool

Prestacycle Prestaflator Eco Auto-Select Bicycle Inflation Tool
  • Color: Silver
Color: Silver
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The Prestaflator ECO is designed with a medium flow trigger valve providing a perfect balance for inflation and seating tubeless tires. The dial pressure gauge lets you follow your progress visually. Designed for Bicycle Mountain & Road tires with a wide range of pressure requirements.

Auto-Select Head
Presta / Schrader auto-select head engages with a simple flip of the lever. Quick lever release minimizes air loss at disconnect.

Prestaflator is engineered specifically for the needs of bicycles and bicyclists. Only top quality materials are used for it’s components. We start with a cast Alloy body and give it a Nickel plated finish. The hose is made of reinforced PVC. It’s more flexible than rubber hoses and is rated for 300 PSI of continuous use. Smooth alloy clamps on the hose are more comfortable for use.

The pressure gauge has a durable steel case covered with a rubber shock housing and offers accuracy with +/- 2%. The dial has a bicycle-specific pressure range of 12 Bar/174 PSI. It’s high enough to inflate any daily-use tire, but not excessive so the gauge is easy to read.

Prestaflator – The Original
Beware of fakes and cheap imitations sold by one-product sellers. These are not real brands that can stand behind your product. Prestacycle is the originator of the Prestaflator. We are a full-line Bicycle tools company providing the Cycling industry globally with world-class tool designs. Our R&D has created a proven design that we have consistently improved-upon through years of experience.

Prestaflator is different… a high quality, serviceable tool… designed, built and warranted for use on Bicycles.

- 2" / Steel body dial pressure gauge.
- 150 PSI (in 2 PSI increments).
- 10.5 Bar (in 0.2 Bar increments).
- Copper coil mechanism provides good accuracy.
- Polymer Presta / Schrader auto-select head.
- Engages any valve with a simple flip of the lever.
- Presta AND Schrader
- Quick lever release minimizes loss at disconnect.
- Replaceable I/M compressor quick-release attachment.
- Rubber pressure gauge housing for shock protection.
- Cast alloy pistol grip handle with Nickel-plated finish.
- Thumb-control pressure release button.
- High-pressure hose for easy access on any wheel.

Air compressor and air hose with quick release connector required for use – not included.
Maximum air pressure is limited by your compressor’s capabilities.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to