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Bicycle Services

Bicycle Services

Tune Up


True and tension wheels; adjust front and rear hubs, bottom bracket, headset bearings; adjust brakes and gears; wipe down the frame and lube chain. Also includes installation of brake pads and any cables, if purchased.

Drive Train Cleaning Includes: Washing crankset, chain, cassette, front and rear derailleur in an industrial parts cleaner. Also includes installation of new chain and cassette, if purchased.

Bike Type

Standard Bicycle - $75

Single Speed/Coaster (Adult & Children's bikes) - $55

Standard Bicycle with Drive Train Cleaning - $150

Full Suspension (includes checking all pivots) - $79

Full Suspension with Drive Train Cleaning - $150

Tandem or Recumbent - $99

Tandem or Recumbent w/ Drive Train Cleaning - $160

Additional Fees

Add on Fee

Charge for extra dirty/rusty bikes - $15

Cancelled Service On Bikes (after check-in) - $10

Disposal of Unwanted Bicycles - $10

Rush Service - $35


Includes: Complete disassembly of bike down to frame; thorough cleaning and inspection of frame; thorough washing of drive train in industrial parts cleaner; reassembly with new bearings and grease as needed, if purchased.

Winter Rate applies from November 1st through February 28th.

Standard Bicycle $199.00

Standard Bicycle Winter Rate $159.00

Tandem or Recumbent $239.00

Tandem or Recumbent Winter Rate $209.00



* - Applies only to bikes and shocks purchased at Aistriu. Additional labor charges for disassembly/reassembly will apply.

Forks $50.00- $70.00

Fee For Oil Handling - $10.00

Rear Suspension

Overhaul Single Pivot $50.00 - $60.00

Multi Pivots $60.00 - $80.00

Warranty Service*

Under 90 Days - N/C

Less Than 1 Year (Plus Shipping) - N/C

Wheels & Hubs

Flat Repair - $10.00

True Wheel - $15.00 - $20.00

Replace Spoke and True Front Wheel $20.00 - $25.00

Replace Spoke and True Rear Wheel $25.00 - $30.00

Adjust Hub$10.00 - $20.00

Glue Tubular (plus glue) - $50.00 and UP

Hub Overhauls

Front Hub - $18.00

Rear Hub$20.00 - $35.00

Internally Geared Hub - $40.00 and UP

Wheel Builds

Front Wheel $95.00

Rear Wheel $105.00

Specialty Wheels (i.e. tubeless, etc.) $80.00 & Up


Derailleur Adjustment $12.00

Derailleur Replacement $20.00

Replace Cassette $12.00

Replace Chain $12.00

Replace Cable and Adjust $15.00

Replace Cable and Adjust with housing $20.00

Replace Cable and Adjust w/Specialty (i.e. Nokon, etc.) cables $25.00

Rebuild Ergo Lever (each) $50.00

Replace/Align Gear Tab $25.00

Install STI/Ergo levers (road or mountain) $75.00

Install MTB shifters $35.00


Adjust Rear or Front Brake $12.00

Replace Cable and Adjust $15.00

Replace Cable and Adjust with housing $20.00

Replace Cable and Adjust w/Specialty (i.e. Nokon, etc.) cables $25.00

Replace Brake Pads (all types) - per wheel price $15.00

Replace non-STI/Ergo levers $35.00

Mechanical Disc Brakes

Installation Set-Up - per wheel price $30.00

Hydraulic Rim & Disc Brakes

Installation Set-Up & Bleeding - per wheel price $35.00

Bleeding Only - per wheel price $20.00


Headset & Bottom Bracket

Adjust Bottom Bracket or Headset $15.00

Repack/Replace Bottom Bracket or Headset $30.00

Install fork (includes cutting steer tube) $40.00

Install fork w/ headset install $60.00

Removal or installation of cups in frame only $15.00

Removal of seized Bottom Bracket (per hour) $65.00

Bicycle Boxing/Shipping

Actual shipping and insurance fees are as per FedEx cost calculator. Customer must declare a value for insurance.

Box to Ship Standard Bicycle Deluxe $65.00

Box to Ship Tandem (customer provides box) $85.00

Tandem Box $45.00

Box to Ship Recumbent $85.00 and UP

Packing/Reassembly School $30.00 - $50.00

Processing Fee for Shipping $10.00

Assemble Bicycle From Box $69.00

Assemble Mail Order Bike (see technician for quote) $95.00 - $225.00

Accessory Installation

Change Stem and/or Handlebar $20.00 - $40.00

Tape Handlebars $12.00

Blackburn (or similar) Rear Rack $15.00

Baby Seat (purchased from Aistriu) $20.00

Fenders $25.00

Kickstand $5.00

Aerobars $20.00 - $40.00

All other accessories $5.00 and UP

Handle Bar Computer Installation

Computer install Single/Dual Pickup $15.00 - $25.00

Computer battery install and reprogram $10.00

Flight Deck $35.00

Ergo Brain $50.00

Polar Heart Rate Monitor $25.00

with Power Meter $50.00

All Other Electronic Services (i.e. SRM, etc.) per hour $65.00


Parts Upgrades

Drive Train Upgrade Includes: Installation of shifters, derailleur, crank, bb, chain, and cassette

Wheel Upgrade Includes: Installation of tires, tubes, and cassette.

Prices do not include taping bars, wheel builds, tubular gluing or bleeding of hydraulic brakes.

Drive Train Upgrade $120.00

Wheel Upgrade $30.00

Complete parts swap, including fork $180.00 - 225.00

Car Rack Installation Rates

Applies only to car racks and rack accessories purchased at Aistriu.

Feet with Load Bars $40.00

Accessories (bike mounts, Fairings, etc) per accessory $10.00

Roof Top Boxes $25.00

Assembly and Installation of Hitch Mount Racks $20.00 - $40.00

Removal of Racks and Accessories per hour $65.00

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