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Freeride Snowboards

Whitespace Powder! 155CM
$416.50 $595.00 30% Off
The Powder! snowboard was developed to snap high-speed carves and handle deep snow in tight situations. Perfect for gaining speed on groomed runs before diving into deep snow in tight trees. The nose flex pattern reduces front foot drag allowing for incremental speed efficiency through the good stuff. The results...more speed, more control, more powder.
Never Summer Proto FR
$458.49 $654.99 30% Off
Innovation is taking two things that exist and putting them together in a new way. We know because we’ve done it before. We innovate. The snowboard profile has been stuck in an innovation rut…until now! Introducing the Triple Camber Proto FR. We took our best selling snowboard of all time and turned it into the most versatile tool for the ride-everywhere freerider. Every function of a snowboard is now improved with Never Summer’s new patented Triple Camber Profile…edge hold, stability, power, pop, speed, float, forgiveness and smooth responsiveness. Words and images are never going to do this board justice. The ride is transformative. Immerse yourself in the Triple Camber Proto FR experience. Welcome to the realization that snowboarding is never going to be the same. (X – Wide version of the original) | **base designs and colors may vary** **top-sheet is transparent, board construction will show and colors may not be as vibrant**
Never Summer Shape Twin LT 149 CM
$349.99 $499.99 30% Off
The ultimate player in all-mountain killers, the Never Summer Shaper Twin Snowboard features a more narrow waist and massive sidecut for locking in turns and riding easy in switch. With a Fusion rocker and an early rise in the nose, this board has some heavy pop and handles well on a variety of conditions, no matter how dicey. A durable core and middle of the road flex make this board ideal for those who get a little sendy on their daily ride.
Arbor Cosa Nostra
$405.99 $579.99 30% Off
The Cosa Nostra is heritage you can see in the El Dorado woodgrain, featuring our Rise Above Plastic R.A.P topsheet - a sustainably sourced Powerply, with zero plastic. This technology delivers a highly responsive ride in a lighter, more responsible way. Its directional surf-inspired shape is mindfully crafted for versatile all-mountain cruising. Integrating System Rocker Technology with a setback design renders a ride-it-all board that finds its potential in the pow.
Arbor Shreddy Krueger 153
$349.99 $499.99 30% Off
Strap into the Arbor Shreddy Krueger Snowboard and get ready for some of the smoothest carves known to man, and the ability to bomb down nearly any feature. With it's true rocker shape, this board excels in deep conditions and the backcountry, yet still rides smoothly on groomers. A sintered base gives this an extra speed boost, too. A fair warning, sleeping is more difficult after riding the Arbor Shreddy Krueger, but ten out of ten people admit that it's because of the adrenaline rush from shredding pow.
Arbor Single Camber
$370.97 $529.95 30% Off
This season, we stepped back from much of the thinking on powder board designs, to re-envision how to provide more of the versatility we need when we head out to ride deep snow. Knowing how similar water and powder dynamic are, we turned back to surf to create a shape that provides tremendous float, all condition turning performance, and the edge control we need on the hardback or mixed conditions we often encounter to-and-from a session. The new single features a highly tapered, pintail design, which provides the tracking and stability of a single fin surfboard. The tail creates the perfect angle of approach for the deepest days, and added stability when pushing through the biggest pow turns. We used our Thunderhead Tip design to add surface area for buoyancy, with notches that channel snow around this wider shape. Our Pow Fenders make turning in deep snow easier, while Grip Tech makes the Single hold an amazing edge, when reality kicks back in.
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